My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. Seth Santiago

    This the top gear I've been waiting for.

  2. superberns25

    yooo that’s the way to go keep cutting


    Jared is such an awesome guy!

  4. Michael Davis

    Sad that a three pedal Bimmer had to give up it's remaining life to save a two-pedal.

  5. Tbone McShittles

    Hoovie says his channel is the dumbest channel on NLname...Anyone who buys anything from Hoovie and spends 1 minute or $1 on a claptrap now has the dumbest channel on YT!

  6. Carrie Watkins

    Freddy I had a bout of the COVID back in December. I never had a fever all throughout my sickness but I had body aches a fairly persistent cough. I knew I had it when I had no sense of smell or taste. I was down for about 12 days. Wasn’t eating much for those days. I really enjoy your channel. The stuff you do for AutoTrek is hilarious. Get better and keep up the great content. Thank you much for your hard work.

  7. Jeff Lowey

    I love your concept Big T, but please lose the spoiler.

  8. Michael Roma

    as a person who just graduated A&P school, you guys sounded like you knew what you were talking about for the most part :)

  9. Poopydypr

    Who owns the other cars in the shop?

  10. No Crap

    Seriously??? HOW INTEGRIS ARE YOU Tavarish?🤭

  11. unanonymous person

    Built by robots repaired by amerture machanicks

  12. unanonymous person

    You're both amazing

  13. unanonymous person

    You're a genius

  14. Joyce louther


  15. Danny Mora


  16. Danny Mora

    These are great fucking cars, I am looks at one now.

  17. Cam Cam

    Yall have molested the best platform for money Audi ever sold. My heart is breaking watching you absolutely destroy my favorite car. Please tell me where this car is and I must own this car. Sincerely your most hated fan...... for at the moment.

  18. Vice Grip Garage

    I'm all in on this one! I'm partial to the half burnt/black/what is this color.



  20. 21jimmyo

    like American Top Gear, but just as bad.



  22. Chris Hernandez

    what's sad is that even though this car is so rare, it's still more practical to restore than a Tesla

  23. Peter Brooks

    I sat in one of these in the dealers showroom. I didn't go any further because my head was pressed hard against the roof. I'm 6'0". Looks like the car was styled first, then designed.

  24. James JonesSr

    This is off subject but I have always loved the 2003 up Lincoln LS V8 sport. I have a bmw now but I still love the LS. I had one before I got the bmw and I want one back. I would love to see you guys do something wild to one. Oh by the way I donr have the LS cause my wife needed a vehicle so I sold it to get her the Toyota Sequoia she love a and drives now. I made her the happiest woman for doing that. It hurt to see her go but anything for the Mrs's Your continuing fan..

  25. Chris Hansen

    Tavarish needed time to spend all that new money baybeeee

  26. Fitness Guru

    Dream cars are like gorgeous women, we want them in their prime, not in their decline. Unfortunately, they are both more accessible in decline and still extremely expensive to thanks!

  27. Mister Taveras

    The worst chop-job I ever seen

  28. Hunter Woods

    Should've gotten a caddy XLR. always in the shop

  29. harry

    i want a recount😂

  30. Annon Skeete

    Yes young people, Mitsubishi actually made cool cars like this.

  31. Big John Fury

    *Copart Covid and took 9 months to finish and still not done*

  32. harry

    Racing surrounded by trees is a very, very bad idea. Seriously.

  33. Robin Tenghult

    were is it now?

  34. Stein Ferrol

    That was real bro.

  35. Aaron Moore

    Jared yelling at the inflatable grinch "Damn Grinch" made me laugh alot harder than I should've


    Dorito OK! Paraguaian Aperta? NoNoNo :'(

  37. Alex Ortiz

    The hurried aunt ultimately suspect because athlete separately end regarding a energetic feature. grateful gratis, educated south korea

  38. Troy Sia

    f,u tk 😉 beautiful piece

  39. Manny Jimenez

    POV: you are 14 years old and want to modify a car but don’t understand how to so you use NLname to teach yourself

  40. Marc de Triomphe

    I love Top Gear even if the new hosts are a bit different

  41. Nathanael Ciranni

    Bloody legend!

  42. The Delicacy hub 47AK

    Good content... Haven't seen a content like these after the to gear old one's got off..

  43. Ronald Williams

    U ever going to finish this. Im going to have to find another channel if not. Seem to be slipping on the show and making videos that lost my Interest. Just saying

  44. Carlos Parejo

    Why does the vinwiki guy look like his pissed off

  45. abbsnn cose

    Hoonigan: we took all the body panels off a miata Tavarish: hold my beer

  46. Radu Dumi

    Frome 10000000 hp stock now u have 999999999999hp 🤣🤣🤣

  47. C M

    The springs are knackered because they've been permanently compressed by the weight of the mud that buried it.

  48. Matt Dock

    This feels like the American Top Gear we deserved.

  49. Chris Parayno

    No stress man. Don't worry about DDE and what they do. You do what you want!

  50. Robert Mitchell

    So happy for you Freddy!!!!!!

  51. Karandeep Singh

    I really thought he's dropping that rotary in today!

  52. احمد علي


  53. Wisam Alhamad

    This is great, so much quality content


    Hey he didn’t forget to do the maintenance he knew about it 😂😂

  55. Michael Davis

    Holy crap, that's my Ferrari guy! (Still trade him to you for The Weezard tho, sorry, Bruce)


    He didn’t what that turbo bark😂

  57. RS2KR

    Wow that Hoovie impression was so accurate. Uncanny.

  58. Juan Perez

    Freddy, you are a good friend. Nice job on the car!

  59. Wisam Alhamad

    mesothelioma express

  60. Miguel Dorado

    So much awesomeness going on here!!! Keep it up fellas oh and that build, it will be a beautiful beast like machine that many will drool over and some will hate on but it will be awesome either way because it's your build. Personally I think it already looks great and will look better and better.

  61. maxpaul11


  62. SAVAGE & I

    Cool video. :)

  63. dogpark77

    What was that channel that hoovies mentioned that replaced Toyota hybrid batteries and showed how expensive it was ? Be much appreciated if someone told me what it was

  64. RSScott

    I know a rotary wizard. Unfortunately he's in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Sorry Just remember - every time you put fuel in, put oil in too

  65. Coffee, Cars and More

    In Orlando there are plenty of people but you might get a good offer from Mech-Tech Institute where they have some of the best rotary builds in the world!!

  66. nuttcase1uk

    I hope Jared is getting paid, he is like there all the time

  67. Big Dad Energy

    18:55 where do I get that valve spring removal tool!!!!!!

  68. Sito Sainz

    I can barley tell its not the real thing. Amazing purchase

  69. the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gear

    I love this Aston Martin dbs v12 I love it so hard + its my favorite Aston Martin Bond car

  70. Zachary Prosper

    Man what a blessing that you took on 4 your friend...may God bless you n your Wife...

  71. David Euler

    Hells angels

  72. James Wilkes

    Sorry to bother but getting hungry out here for a new video. Hope ur feeling better almost done with that car trek stuff.

    1. abbsnn cose

      The performance will be disappointing after you put the body panels back on.

  73. novark ngoode

    how drunk were you ? never ever go on ebay after drinking , it never ends well

  74. VincyRaw Studio

    I like Florida weather but the pay to work there sucks. The property tax in New Jersey is very high.

  75. Alexandre Bergantini

    Top Gear called and they want their show back...

  76. DF

    Alternate Title: How to turn a Ferrari into a Fiero

  77. Rayyan A

    I hate being that guy but I just wish ed's jokes felt a bit less forced

  78. Dave1

    Bloody awesome work . can’t wait for next one. Your smile told the story 🤣

  79. julian landeros

    Was that supra ???

  80. 80's Tech and reselling

    Omg that is terrible. Love it 😎